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Don't Stress Get Help!

We could go on here with essentially the same content that you find on all other restoration websites: Water damage response times, mold concerns, specialists, where water damage starts, etc., etc. But our guess is that because you found our company you would like some real information.

We are a licenced contractor, with 10 years of experience specifically focused on taking care of home damage. We have all the latest tools and training. But Phoenix Flood is much more. We are the most unique restoration company for dealing with issues like water damage and that is what we want to communicate, that is our value.

Our unique advantage is in our commitment to Giving Real Help™. That may not sound earth shattering but in our industry it is and here is why:   

The fundamental flaws in the restoration industry are actually very similar to the flaws in our health care industry. There is an emergency of high importance, and there is insurance money that can pay much more than an individual can on their own. In water damage restoration this means essentially that the industry has become very expensive to individuals and is focused almost solely on insurance money. Filing a claim on your homeowners policy is often necessary with water damage and is often in the best interest of the homeowner. But in our experience, roughly half of the time it is not necessary and not in your best interest. And Phoenix Flood is the only water damage restoration company in Arizona that was built from the ground up to help you with both scenarios.


If you would like to learn more about how we can get you real help, call us at: 480-719-4499


Also, a quick caution. If a company is offering to pay your deductible to get your business (possible insurance fraud) and/or an eager plumber is trying to get you to use a particular restoration company (the current going rate for this referral is $800.00 which will impact what the restoration company needs to earn on your project), then these are generally situations that you don’t want to get tangled up in.

Our Equipment

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