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Water Damage, mold remediation and odor control equipment rental is a specialty of Phoenix Flood. We deliver it to your door and can help you with it's safe and effective operation.


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Our Equipment

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Dri-Eaze Evolution Dehumidier - LGR technology boosts effective operating range - Compact size – only 92 pounds.

  • Air Movers/Carpet Dryers
  • Dri-Eaze Sahara HD - Underside drying vent- Quick disassembly for cleaning.

  • HEPA Air ScrubberDefender HEPA 500 with Advance Filteration Technology,


Air Scrubber Rental Package

  • Ozone Generator
  • Designed for odor removing high ozone shock treatments of unoccupied areas.

  • Ozone Rental Package

    Reasons to rent from Phoenix Flood

    Quality Equipment
    We use and rent high quality equipment made by Dri-Eaze and other top manufacturers.
    Reasonable Rates
    We strive to keep our rates competive and are usually lower than most rental companies.
    Advice & Assistance
    We don't just rent you the equipment, we'll help you understand how to use it and can even assist you in setting it up properly.

    Other Equipment

    •  Wood Floor Drying System
      The Rescue Mat System uses the power of a high-pressure blower like the DriForce to vacuum water vapor right through the surface of the floor.
    •  Inter-Air/ Cavity Drying Systems
      Force air in or vacuum air out - Dry up to 90 linear feet of wall - Produces up to 38 inches of static pressure! Averages just 3 amps
    •  Specialty Drying Tools & Attachments
      Other high quality tools available.