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No Need to Fear, Phoenix Flood is Here!

We have been noted within our industry as a particularly thorough mold removal company. Keeping costs down while maintaining qualitiy is one of the key features that has made Phoenix Flood one of the most innovative companies in the Arizona market. We can help you with any kind of mold problem from small isolated areas to large whole house mold issues.

Mold damage is something we are all concerned about and it should never be taken lightly. However, professionalism and education, not fear or scare tactics, should guide the mold remediation process.

We Offer:

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  • Mold Testing
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  • Mold Removal Estimates
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  • Mold Removal
Our mold removal program follows the most current industry standards and safety guidelines. We also focus on solutions that address the basic concerns of each homeowner such as:
  • Health & Safety

  • Professionalism

  • Cost Control

  • Minimimal Repairs