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A Water Damage Company You Can Trust

From Phoenix Flood's very beginning we set out to make a difference in an industry that can be known to prey on fear. We knew from years of working for another restoration company that people were often looking for answers and they wanted to know what their options were. So rather than giving a typical doomsday assessment and handing over a contract, we had an opportunity to offer more. We knew that if we explained the damage, and offered them several solutions, they could make a better decision for their situation than anyone else.

Our experience and equipment are second to none in the Phoenix market and we never cut corners but we do put your interests before our pocket book. We routinely help our clients avoid claims on small jobs through rental and advise so the homeowner can save their insurace for when it is really needed.

We are a family owned and operated company and are committed to providing people with excellent service for every aspect of their individual situation.We are not carpet cleaners or builders looking for another revenue stream.
We specialize and focus everything on being experts in water, smoke and mold remediation.

What Makes Phoenix Flood Different?

Read below about the 4 areas in which Phoenix Flood stands apart from other restoration companies.

We do not like to see people go through these situations, but we are glad that we can be there to help. View our Service page to find out more about what we offer or call now to speak with someone about what we can do for you.